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The Best Love Making Positions For You
Here are some of the best love making positions that you might want to use. Read on. Here are some of the best love making positions that you might want to use. Read on.

These are deemed as the best love making positions that anyone can use. Some of the benefits of these positions are that they allow the couples to relax and still become very intimate with each other and that they allow for higher stimulation by allowing deeper penetration. The following are the positions that you need to really use.

The Side by Side

This is for the couples that are looking to get the closest with each other physically. The female partner lies on the bed on her back. The male partner lies on her side, and brings himself over her body, gradually penetrating her. This position allows the woman to relax completely while the man can caress her body and give her heightened pleasures. In this position, the man is the active partner.

The Missionary

The missionary is the simplest sexual position there is, but still it is one of the best love making positions. The woman lies on her back and the man rides on top of her in the most natural way possible. The woman keeps her legs hoisted most of the time so that a deeper penetration is possible. Since this position allows the couple to be face to face and touch each other to the maximum extent physically, it is a very intimate position.

The Doggy Style

This is again one of the most effective and liked love making positions. The woman goes on all fours and the man penetrates her from the rear. This position allows for both anal and vaginal penetration. This love making position is certainly a bit partial to the man because it allows him a complete view of the action.

The Reverse Cowgirl

In this position, the woman goes reverse, while the man lies on his back. The man then penetrates her vaginally, while the woman's rear end is grasped by him. This position gives men the advantage of getting a good view of the woman's derriere.