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7 Amazing Optical Illusions That Will Make Your Penis Appear Bigger Than It Really Is
The magic of optical illusions are always fun but did you know that you can apply these to your penis? Learn how to make your penis appear bigger and then how to make it bigger for real. The magic of optical illusions are always fun but did you know that you can apply these to your penis? Learn how to make your penis appear bigger and then how to make it bigger for real.

When I was a kid, I loved those books that showed optical illusions. Do you remember those? I especially liked the famous floating finger trick. I thought it might be fun to discuss how optical illusions can make your penis appear bigger than it really is. Are you game?

Dressing Your Penis Up For Size

When men are erect and ready to go, they sometimes wear a little suit of armor affectionately called, "the condom." The next time you have sex with a woman you want to impress, consider dressing up Mr. Willie for size.

That little piece of latex, lamb skin, or polyisoprene, that you roll onto your penis can make you appear bigger than you are if you choose the right style. To understand what I mean, think about the way men pick out suits and women pick out shirts. If a man wants to look taller, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to wear a pin stripe suit. Lines going up and down give the illusion of being taller. So, if you want your penis to look longer, you can try using a ribbed condom with the ridges running the length of your penis. All women know if they wear horizontal stripes, they'll look fatter (only really thin women can get away with it). If you want your penis to look wider, find a ribbed condom with concentric rings along the length.

Certain Colors Will Make Mr. Willie Look Bigger

When it comes to clothes, you've probably heard people say, "black is slimming." It's true. When you wear black or dark colored clothing, you appear less heavy - less bulky. On the other hand, when you wear white or light colored clothing, you appear bigger - more bulky. Light colors makes things appear bigger because we see shadows that we can't see when things are dark. Shadowing is the basis for many optical illusions. Also, light colors appear to give off a very slight glow which makes light things look bigger than dark things.

With this being such common knowledge, it is perplexing to me when I hear that so many guys think black condoms make their penis look bigger. Just the opposite is true. If you want to make your penis appear bigger, wear a white or light colored condom.

You Grow When You Glow

If you REALLY want to add something that will make your penis look much bigger, get a light colored condom that glows in the dark. The darker the room the bigger you'll look because the darkness will trick the mind's perspective.

The glow around the penis will make it look bigger. The brighter the glow, the more it will trick the eye. We recently experimented with this particular phenomenon and it really works.

Trimming the Bush Can Make It Look Bigger

This is a trick male porn stars use very effectively. Your penis will look bigger if you trim up your pubic hair. If you trim the hair near the area where the penis attaches to the body, it will give the illusion of more length. Trimming around your balls a little bit can also help, especially when viewed from below.

Please note that I said, "trim," not shave or wax. I've seen men with hairless crotches and it definitely turned me off. I have discussed this with girlfriends and the consensus seems to be that it doesn't look masculine to trim too much or to shave off all of your pubic hair. However, there are always exceptions.

How Body Size Affects Perceived Penis Size

Some day when you're sitting in front of the old boob tube (I'm talking TV, not breasts), get on your laptop and Google some naked men galleries. I don't mean porn stars here - in fact, you want to avoid those. What I mean is look for galleries of real men who are naked. If you surf through enough of these, you'll begin to get a feel for how body size affects the PERCEIVED size of the penis.

Body weight and frame is probably the biggest optical illusion to penis size there is. A 5 inch penis on a really skinny short guy is going to look absolutely huge. Put that same sized penis on a really obese tall guy and it will look tiny. Body builders often complain about this optical illusion. I've heard many women snicker about this.

You can't do anything about how tall you are or your frame but you can change your weight if you are over-weight. A 10% drop in weight will make a big difference to how big you appear - plus of course you'll be healthier and have more energy for sex. Losing weight will also help you lose fat from the fat pad where the penis attaches to the pubic bone and this makes your penis appear bigger too.

Showing Off Your Penis From the Right Angle

When your woman gazes upon your glorious manhood, the angle from which she views your penis affects how big it looks. Don't believe me? Why don't you try experimenting in front of a full-length mirror. First get totally naked and erect. Then take a good look at how your penis looks from the front and then from the side. Do you see a difference? Your penis should look larger from the side. Now try it at a 45 degree angle. Your penis should look even bigger at this angle than in the side profile.

Most men already know that when they look down on their own penis, this is about the worst angle to view it from in terms of size. It will always look smaller from this angle.

Porn Movie Tricks That Can Enlarge Perceived Size

Have you ever noticed how the same male adult actor looks absolutely huge in one video and then much smaller in another? This does NOT mean his penis shrunk! The difference in apparent size (which is different from REAL size) is because of the difference in camera angles and other photographic optical illusions. If the camera gets in really close, the penis will look bigger. If the camera shoots from below looking up, it will look bigger. As discussed above, 45 degree angles make things look bigger than 90 degree angles which look bigger than straight on which looks bigger than looking down on it.

There are other tricks porn movies use too. For example, using really petite women in the scene can make a man's hard tool look bigger than it actually is. When she wraps her tiny hand around an average sized one, it makes it look much larger than it would if the women were average sized. The same is true in penetration shots.